Continuing Education Travel Grant

The Continuing Education Travel Grant provides supplementary funding that helps CSHP members in each branch who receive the grant to attend conferences and educational events of relevance to their pharmacy practice. To maintain compliance, Fresenius Kabi Canada will restrict the travel grant to applicants who are physically travelling to an educational conference or event. The funds will not be available for online courses, regardless of whether a course is relevant to the applicant's pharmacy practice.

This program is administered by the CSHP branches and sponsored by Fresenius Kabi Canada.  

2017 Travel Grant Recipients

British Columbia Branch

  • Aleisha Enemark
  • Nadia McTaggart
  • Janice Munroe
  • Trina Nguyen

Alberta Branch

  • Mary Pederson
  • Diane Veniot

Saskatchewan Branch

  • Andrea Holladay
  • Lisa Phillips

Manitoba Branch

  • Cathy Sochasky
  • Lorraine Woods

New Brunswick Branch

  • Amanda Burns
  • Leslie Manuel
  • Lauren Munroe

Nova Scotia Branch

  • Marlene Ma
  • Jaclyn Tran

Newfoundland and Labrador Branch

  • Ashley Buck

Prince Edward Island Branch

  • Sarah Lutes
  • Brian Mark
  • Fiona Mitchell

Ontario Branch

  • Rebecca Agar
  • Monique Bergenwall
  • Swasti Bhajan-Mathur
  • Joyce Chan
  • Min Chen
  • Yoko Dozono
  • Trent Fookes
  • Kristine Galido
  • Marie-France Gauthier
  • Angela Heintzman

Ontario Branch continued

  • Marianna Khabad
  • Nadia Khan
  • Subuddhi Kulkarni
  • Amanda Lee
  • Michelle Lee
  • Vivian Lee
  • Justine Manulak
  • Maria Marchese
  • Karen McCaul
  • Kevin McDonald
  • Caitlin McIntryre
  • Mielen Mistry
  • Matthew Richler
  • Laila Rkieh
  • Diana Russo
  • Shuhua Situ
  • Jennifer Spencer
  • Rene Thibault
  • Fatima Viera-Cabral
  • Alison Wong
  • Samantha Yau
  • Lilly Zhang


To be eligible, each candidate must:

  • Be a Member or Student Pharmacist Supporter of CSHP; and 
  • Attend an education event relevant to his or her pharmacy practice and for which the costs incurred to attend are not fully paid by his or her employer or by other means.

Application Process

Grant applications are accepted between April and October of each year. 

Each branch determines the specific set of criteria for awarding the grant funds to members and the value of each grant awarded. Grant funds are paid to the winners upon submission of receipts for registration and/or other costs incurred by the member to attend a pharmacy-related education event. 

Refer to the Continuing Education Travel Grant Prospectus for more information, and check your branch website for submission requirements. 

Inquiries should be directed to :

Robyn Rockwell, Membership & Awards Administrator
Toll Free: 1 (877) 340-2756, ext. 222
Direct: (613) 736-9733, ext. 222