CSHP eBulletin

February 15, 2019

Important – Health Canada Policy Statement on the Naming of Biologic Drugs/Important - Énoncé de politique sur l’attribution de noms aux médicaments biologiques de Santé Canada

Health Canada is pleased to announce a decision on the naming of biologic drugs. Following internal and external stakeholder consultations and analysis of related issues, Health Canada has decided that biologic drugs, including biosimilars, will be identified by their unique brand name and n…

February 8, 2019

Update/Mettre à jour: Prescription Opioids – Sticker and Handout Requirements / Opioïdes sur ordonnance – Exigences relatives à l’autocollant et à la fiche de renseignements

  Canada's Food and Drug Regulations were amended to require that a warning sticker and patient information handout be provided to patients, at the time of sale, with all prescription opioids that appear in Part A of the “List of Opioids”. These requirements came into force on October…

November 15, 2018

Invitation to Participate: 2018 Pharmacist Drug Shortages and Recalls Survey / Invitation à participer: enquête de 2018 auprès des pharmaciens sur les pénuries et les rappels de médicaments

The drug supply in Canada continues to be affected by drug shortages and recalls. Over the past few months alone, we have experienced the EpiPen and vaccine shortages as well as the recall of drugs containing Valsartan. The Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) is surveying pharmacists acros…