CSHP Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy Survey Results: What Patients and Members Told Us about Patient Care

By: Amanda Iannaccio


In November 2017, the CSHP Excellence program surveyed patients and CSHP members to evaluate how the Excellence themes are being reflected in the care the hospital pharmacy team provides to patients. The online survey provided 54 responses from patients (or their caregiver) and 368 responses from CSHP members. Thank you to everyone who participated in the surveys!

The results are in—here’s a sneak peek.

  • Overall, patients told us it is important to them to be included in decisions around their medications and their care. They would like the hospital pharmacy team to provide additional education about their medications.
  • Only 29% (57/196) of staff respondents currently report developing pharmaceutical care plans for greater than 75% of the patients in their care.

Want to learn more about what patients and our members told us?

The final report outlines the survey results by category of respondent and is divided into sections based on the 3 Excellence themes: Patient-Centred Care, Best Practice, and Communication and Collaboration.

What’s next?

The Excellence program will do the following:

  • Set step-wise, realistic and ideal targets for Excellence priority theme measures.
  • Provide practice recommendations and develop tools/services to assist members in achieving these targets.

Are you committed to Excellence?

If you have not already done so, show your support of this initiative and your intention to incorporate relevant tenants of the Excellence program into your practice.

Make the commitment to Excellence today by signing your name/organization on the individual or organization commitment forms found on the CSHP website.

“The patient is the focal point of care and one should understand the patients’ view of what they are on, what they expect, and what their desire is to accept or change.”

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