Dartmouth Meetings Reinforce Community Remains at the Centre of CSHP

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia welcomed exuberant CSHP family members from Oct. 2—5 to attend board meetings, the CSHP AGM, Nova Scotia educational sessions and a slew of hospitable social events — all of which underscored the sense of community that is at the centre of CSHP. Following are highlights from the meetings.

Key Decisions from CSHP Meetings

In June of this year, CSHP announced its Strategy Towards Sustainability, setting the stage for 1) a stronger national voice, 2) a better member experience, 3) enhanced programs, 4) more educational opportunities and 5) new initiatives for diverse needs. A natural next-step was the launch of the 2019 CSHP National Membership Survey, which opened the door to an ongoing conversation about what matters most to members and supporters. The survey closed in September, and feedback offered insight on many topics, including having pharmacy technicians as full members, a name-change for the Society, and what programs and services CSHP should focus on. While more formal survey results are forthcoming, a preliminary scan reflects the concerns, ideas, and passion that drove an impressive 29% response rate. (Please stay tuned for more details in upcoming issues of Interactions).

In total,  1,527 members completed the survey. The CSHP Board meetings and Strategic Planning Session in Dartmouth provided a forum where the top issues were deliberated among stakeholders representing all branches. (For more on the Strategic Planning Session, see dedicated Strategic Planning article below). Results from the discussions on the key issues are as follows:

Pharmacy Technicians (Governance Structure, Pricing Model, and Program Delivery):  These issues were discussed at length during the Strategic Planning Session, taking into consideration the responses from the survey. The survey asked how pharmacy technicians should be integrated into CSHP. There was a clear difference between how pharmacists and pharmacy technicians answered the question. Forty percent of pharmacists thought technicians should be integrated as members of the provincial branch, with the remainder of the votes split among creating a new branch to represent pharmacy technicians across the country, new provincial CSHP branches for pharmacy technicians as joint members of CSHP, and joining an existing pharmacy technicians association where available/possible. For their part, pharmacy technicians favoured creating new CSHP branches for pharmacy technicians over joining existing branches.

The Board will proceed to appoint members of the Pharmacy Technicians Task Force, representing both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. To be chaired by President Elect Zack Dumont and supported by CEO Jody Ciufo, the Task Force will report back to the Board at the Midterm Board Meetings in 2020 so that recommendations can be implemented for the 2021—2022 membership year.

Name Change: (Yes/No and if so, what should the new name be?) The CSHP National Survey asked whether CSHP should change its name. Two thirds of our members told us we shouldn’t. The idea of becoming more inclusive led the Board to test both the “who” (Pharmacists, Pharmacy, Pharmacy Professionals?) and the “where” (Hospital, Collaborative Health Care, Health-Services?). If pressed to pick a favourite, survey respondents preferred Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacy, followed by the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacy Professionals. But they were clear that this was not a change they wanted to see CSHP undertake now.

Board members, Branch Presidents and Affiliated Board Chairs recognized this prevailing sentiment among members and agreed the timing wasn’t right. A common theme in the survey that was reinforced during the planning session was that the name needed to reflect the reality of the current membership composition. When that changes, CSHP should once again consider whether the name should be changed.

Professional Practice Priorities (top three issues): Survey results revealed the top issues that resonate most with CSHP members are:

  1. Opioid crisis (including drug diversion, treatment, and prevention of substance use and addiction;
  2. Deprescribing; and
  3. Antimicrobial stewardship.

The discussions touched on the fact that for many of these topics, agencies are in place to address them and CSHP might have an opportunity to focus on gaps in available resources. It was acknowledged that members look to CSHP for standards, best practices, and guidance on decision-making related to the issues. The action item from this discussion will be reflected in the next CSHP Strategic Plan (2020) and include the creation of a Professional Practice Toolkit to direct the priorities as well as tools on how to best communicate to patients on issues such as mental health and substance use disorder. 

Indicators — How are we doing with the Strategy Towards Sustainability?

When the Strategy Towards Sustainability was launched in June, 2019, members were assured CSHP would be accountable to them and that CSHP would report on the plans made possible by the financial investment. CSHP CEO, Jody Ciufo, provided a transparent report on the indicators marking the progress made to-date. She captivated the audience with an “Accountability Dashboard” showing key indicators on how the strategy is progressing:

Membership: If CSHP’s total membership from May 1, 2019 — August 31, 2019 is compared to the same time period last year (2018), a 2% growth is reflected (2,645 vs. 2,595). We are at 84% toward our target of 3,140 by the end of the 2019—2020 membership year. The membership report broke down numbers by branch and member category to provide insight on trends and a distribution of the numbers. Please refer to your branch delegate on the CSHP Board for more details.

Engagement: CSHP is using several digital indicators to measure engagement. CSHP website analytics show that year-over-year, 22% more people are using the website (51,114 vs. 65,370). The top five pages currently include pages on the residency program and the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board application process as this is the registration period for hopeful residents across the country.

Undoubtedly, one of the more impressive indicators provided insight on the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (CJHP) rankings. The CSHP National Survey results showed an overwhelming number of members expressed their appreciation for the CJHP, viewing it as a particularly valuable resource. In addition, a third-party indicator, SCImago Journal & Country Rank, reveals an encouraging trend of an increase in citations of the Journal, especially since 2012. The graphs below can be viewed in more detail here: https://www.scimagojr.com/journalsearch.php?q=20127&tip=sid. The top 5 articles for 2018 and 2019 are also included below and show an overlap of two highly popular articles.

​​​​​​SCImago, (n.d.). SJR — SCImago Journal & Country Rank [Portal]. Retrieved October 1, 2019, from http://www.scimagojr.com

​​​​​​SCImago, (n.d.). SJR — SCImago Journal & Country Rank [Portal]. Retrieved October 1, 2019, from http://www.scimagojr.com

Top 5 most read articles of 2018 Top 5 most read articles of 2019 to date
Impact of Antimicrobial Stewardship on Physician Practice in a Geriatric Facility Qualitative Research: Data Collection, Analysis, and Management
Qualitative Research: Data Collection, Analysis, and Management Evaluation of Pharmacist Intervention on Discharge Medication Reconciliation
Should All Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Disease Receive an SGLT2 Inhibitor? A Standardized, Structured Approach to Identifying Drug-Related Problems in the Intensive Care Unit: FASTHUG-MAIDENS
A Standardized, Structured Approach to Identifying Drug-Related Problems in the Intensive Care Unit: FASTHUG-MAIDENS Real-World Challenges to the Practice of Evidence-Based Medicine
Vancomycin 50 mg/mL Suspension in Oral Syrup: Stability in Plastic Bottles and Syringes at 2 Temperatures CSHP Professional Practice Conference 2019: Poster Abstracts / Conférence sur la pratique professionnelle 2019 de la SCPH : Résumés des affiches

New Board Orientation — Oct. 02

The Wednesday meetings kicked-off with a New Board Member Orientation, which was attended by more than 20 representatives including board members, branch delegates, CSHP staff and executive.  The meeting highlighted roles and responsibilities for the Board, CSHP values, and an overview of the Strategy Towards Sustainability.

One of the key points of the session introduced the idea of the hybrid model of governance for an association. According to Techer International LLC, the model —which is referred to as The Representative Governance Model for Associations — sheds light on understanding the difference between “representative for” and “representative of.” According to Techer, if board members view their role as being ‘representative for’, they see themselves as the elected representatives of a particular constituency. Board members who are 'representative of' view their role as ensuring that the views, beliefs, values, and self-interest of the constituencies they know best are on the table. They voice interests and opinions of those they know best and vote on behalf of the best overall interests of the organization.

Incoming board members are new branch delegates Arden Barry, B.C., Alanna McQuaid, N.S., Vivian Lee, ON, and incoming student delegate Jordan Kelly.

Branch Presidents Meeting — Oct. 02

CSHP Past-President, Patrick Fitch, chaired the Branch Presidents’ meeting, which provided a forum for delegates to share ideas and learn from best practices. Leslie Beique, AB Branch President, highlighted the effectiveness of Facebook groups, Alberta branch’s bimonthly newsletter, and member spotlights.

Jonathan Stevens, New Brunswick Branch President, shared the success of their Member Profiles Campaign as well as a hugely popular hospital pharmacist explainer video produced in conjunction with the New Brunswick Pharmacists’ Association, which has garnered over 3,000 views. 

Branch Presidents Meeting  Dartmouth, 2019

Incoming British Columbia Branch delegate, Arden Barry, revealed the success of the Rx News Flash program such as the Subclinical Hypothyroidism Clinical Practice Guidelines and accompanying videos. Arden also communicated best practices including live broadcasts of educational events, their quarterly BCBranchLet, and unique branch-member benefits, such as Toastmasters Speech Craft Program and iPhone offers through their Telus portal. 

Ontario Branch delegate, Samantha Yau, shared member-recruitment incentives, such as a social media contest, Journal Club gatherings via Zoom, and identified a need for continuing education and professional development. Samantha also touched on the Ontario Branch's Hospital Pharmacy Management Seminar (OHPMS) and partnership with OPA Public Affairs.

Representing Saskatchewan Branch, Katelyn Halpape shed light on the benefits of live streaming their events.

Brenda Rosenthal, Manitoba Branch President talked about an open-microphone (Open Mic.) forum as an effective means to bring community and practice together in a fun and engaging way.

Branch Presidents Meeting — Dartmouth, 2019

Strategic Planning Session — Oct. 04

TGIF was underscored on Friday, October 4 by an energetic strategic planning session facilitated by an even more energetic Neil MacKinnon (@RxDeanMac). A former CSHP President, Dalhousie  professor and current Dean of the Winkle School of Pharmacy in Cincinnati, Neil guided the delegates through six 45-minute sessions, offering a rapid, yet effective pace to approach top issues identified by the recent 2019 CSHP National Survey. Issues ranged from a possible name-change for CSHP to advocacy priorities, professional practice priorities, and a potentially new CSHP value proposition. In an effort to keep the discussion lively and participants engaged, Neil offered thematic prizes and live-posting of tweetable moments. 

CSHP’s Desarae Davidson with her lobster chocolate as tweeted by @RxDeanMac

Word cloud representing how members feel about CSHP

Possibly the most memorable outcome of the Strategic Planning Session manifested itself as participants were asked to input one word that best represented CSHP using the Slido app in real-time. Within seconds, a word cloud appeared on the screen, expressing how the members felt about the organization. At the centre of the screen, “COMMUNITY” clearly resonated with the atmosphere in the room, at the meetings in general, and on a coast-to-coast scale for CSHP. 

Nova Scotia Educational Session

Early Saturday morning saw a flurry of new attendees from the region, eager to take in the educational sessions hosted by Nova Scotia Branch. The programme for the day included dynamic educators on these and more:  Caring for People who Inject Substances in Hospital, The Opioid Crisis: Nova Scotia’s Response and a Pharmacist’s Perspective, De-prescribing, Medication Optimization and the Drug Burden Index, Solutions for Kids in Pain, and Natural Health Products in Clinical Oncology Practice.

Delegates absorbed the information from the speakers and panelists, and several moments were captured in time by audience members posting content on social media. Dr. Thomas Brothers’ session offered “Three Things you can do Tomorrow” to Care for People who Inject Substances in Hospital. 

Our thanks to the Nova Scotia Branch for bringing in an excellent complement of educators: Dr. Robert Strang, Dr. Neil MacKinnon, Dr. Thomas Brothers, Dr. Marci Dearing, Yvonne Brandelli, Nicole Mackenzie, Dr. Shirin Abadi, and Dr. Tania Mysak.

Tweetable moment from Caring for People who Inject Substances in Hospital

CSHP President Elect:
Zack Dumont

National AGM — Oct. 05

CSHP’s AGM proceedings took place in between the scheduled educational sessions hosted by the Nova Scotia Branch and were attended by hundreds more via Facebook Live streaming (watch the full video and download slides here).  Dozens of delegates representing each branch listened attentively as Douglas Doucette proudly hosted the meeting and among the usual operational matters, recognized outgoing Board Directors and welcomed new members to the Board. Zack Dumont was nominated President Elect and provided compelling remarks to reflect what his sense is of the CSHP community. “[…] I see it as the collective privilege to work with patients, where the sole focus is to improve their outcomes. I sleep well at night knowing that whatever drug therapy decisions I make or support others to make — to start, stop or change therapy — it has everything to do with improving patient outcomes. And I am this way and I fit in here, because I got to see leaders on display at CSHP with awards and the Journal, because I got to walk amongst the leaders at CSHP events (like this, great work, Nova Scotis Branch), and because I got the opportunities to be a part of the leadership. CSHP is the place to be. It shaped me. It brings me pride. And for that I am so very grateful.”

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