Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement in hospital pharmacy practice to a Member of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) who has held membership (including student membership) for a minimum of 15 cumulative years and who has been practising for a minimum of 20 cumulative years. It is awarded for significant ongoing contributions to hospital pharmacy practice and to CSHP at the branch level (including A.P.E.S.) but primarily at the national level. Individuals are nominated by their peers.

This award is sponsored by Pharmascience Inc.

Call for Nominations

The nomination deadline has now passed. Nominations will be accepted from August to September 30 each year. Please submit nominations through the online nomination form. Selections will be made in November. 

For more information, refer to the Distinguished Service Award Criteria

Signature form

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Download a copy of the signature form. 

Completed signature forms must be returned to CSHP by 23:59 PDT September 30, 2018.

Past award recipients

The 2019 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award is Moira Wilson

2018 Mary H H Ensom
2017 No candidates this year
2016 Donald Kuntz 
2015 Margaret Colquhoun
2014 Kelly Babcock
2013 Régis Vaillancourt
2012 Carolyn Bornstein
2011 Myrella Roy
2010 Emily Musing
2009 Robin J Ensom
2008 Nancy Roberts
2007 Thomas W Paton
2006 Linda Poloway
2005 Bill Bartle
2004 Garry King
2003 Bob Nakagawa
2002 Glen R Brown
2001 Charlie Bayliff*
2000 James Blackburn
1999 Bonnie Salsman
1998 Scott Walker
1997 Rosemary Bacovsky
1996 Kevin Hall
1995 James L Mann
1994 William (Bill) McLean*
1993 Pauline Beaulac
1992 William Wilson
1991 C Brian Tuttle
1990 Reta Fowler*
1989 Alan Samuelson
1988 Bruce R Schnell
1987 Jack Dancey*
1986 William R Foltas*
1985 Donna M Shaw*
1984 Sister Grace Sauvé
1983 Mary T Gannon*
1982 J Glen Moir*
1981 Brian A Dinel
1980 Betty C Riddell*
1979 Jack L Summers*
1978 Douglas J Stewart*
1977 Phyllis Yagi*
1976 Orest Buchko*
1975 Muriel Hale
1974 Anne O’Toole*
1973 Leonard Gibson*
1972 J Edwin Smith*
1971 Paule Benfante*
1970 Gordon Brown*
1969 Isabel E Stauffer*
1968 Jacqueline McCarthy
1967 Michael J V Naylor

* indicates deceased

Inquiries should be directed to :

Robyn Rockwell, Membership & Awards Administrator
Toll Free: 1 (877) 340-2756, ext. 222
Direct: (613) 736-9733, ext. 222