Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy




The Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy program is the next stage of work to be undertaken after the highly successful CSHP 2015 initiative.

Excellence is a multi-year program that aligns with the latest CSHP Strategic Plan (to 2020). It is a single engaging initiative that assists members in focusing their efforts towards fostering excellence and innovation in patient care.

Excellence is made up of three priority themes:

Patient Engagement/Patient Centredness

Best Practice, including Patient Safety

Effective Communication and Collaborative Practice

The pharmacy team views patients as valuable, effective partners in shared decision-making.

The pharmacy team listens to, understands, and respects the patient’s story about experiences and expectations that will affect the use of medications.

The pharmacist provides proactive patient-centred care to develop a pharmacy care plan that reflects the patient’s goals.

The pharmacy department implements risk-reduction strategies to improve the safety of the medication-use system.

The pharmacist develops and assesses the pharmacy care plan in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team.

The pharmacist communicates the plan of care to the professionals who will assume responsibility for care of the patient at care transitions.

The program includes six objectives, a comprehensive work plan and attendant performance measures and targets by which we will measure success. Excellence will assist pharmacy teams to strive to provide exceptional care to patients and help improve patient health outcomes.

Download the Excellence Flyer

For more information on how the Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy program may help change your practice, please contact:

Laurie Mitchell
Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy Coordinator