Final Chapters of Navigating Medical Emergencies: An Interactive Guide to Patient Management Have Been Released!


The "Navigating Medical Emergencies: An Interactive Guide to Patient Management" ebook, published earlier this year by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in collaboration with CSHP and other organizations, has recently released its two final chapters on Airways. (Version française: Naviguer l'urgence médicale: Un guide interactif sur la prise en charge du patient.)

This ebook can also be accessed via CSHP's website.

This ebook "presents emergent clinical situations and the core tasks required of healthcare professionals needing to recognize, navigate and safely manage them. It’s really about how to perform the ABCs while protecting yourself, the patient and others; attempting to establish therapeutic relationships; and respecting patients’ values and wishes. When first called upon to manage acutely ill patients, the healthcare team must initiate their ABCs to support and keep patients alive even though information is lacking (i.e., the undifferentiated situation). As information trickles in, the team’s mental model evolves and becomes more refined. This allows resuscitative efforts to be modified and enables the introduction of more specific measures to directly address the source of the problem.

Given an undifferentiated situation (e.g., severe hypoxemia) or goal (e.g., initiate mechanical ventilation), the authors of this ebook were asked to identify which tasks should be carried out and when. These time-sensitive tasks are presented using maps to better illustrate their sequence and interaction with one another. These maps are designed to help clinicians develop a common approach to life-threatening situations, thus facilitating the development of shared mental models" (from About section of the ebook). 

We believe that this ebook is relevant to all pharmacists, regardless of where they practice.

CSHP would like to thank the following members who contributed to this ebook:

  • Robert Ariano
  • Joseph Blais
  • Paula Brown
  • Norman Dewhurst
  • Vincent Ho
  • Meghan Mackenzie
  • Marc Perreault
  • Sharon Yamashita - Editor and contributor