Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Liability Insurance +

Why should this coverage be purchased?

  • Allegations of professional misconduct should be investigated and handled by specialized legal experts that employers either do not have access to or are not in a position to provide for their staff.
  • Professional advice given outside the place of employment may not be covered by the employer's liability insurance program.
  • The scope of coverage and the limit of liability of the employer's liability insurance program is highly variable.
  • Independent professionals (those that are self-employed) are not covered by an organization's corporate liability insurance and must secure their own coverage.
  • Legal costs incurred in the successful defence of a criminal action are generally not recoverable from the employer.

What are the coverage highlights of Trisura's Professional Liability Insurance program?

  • There is a broad definition of “Professional Services” to provide coverage for services usual to a pharmacist, such as opinions, advice, consulting, medication counseling, prescribing authority, task force and committee activities, public speaking, the development of position papers, community practice.
  • There is a broad definition of “Insured” to include any present or former employees of the insured member, as well as students and interns acting under the direct supervision of an insured member.
  • Prior acts are covered and the policy is on a “claims-made” basis.
  • The policy includes reimbursement for legal expenses incurred while under a disciplinary investigation by a professional body regulating your profession, up to $150,000 each policy period.
  • The policy includes reimbursement for legal expenses incurred in the successful defence of a criminal proceeding.
  • There is Extended Reporting Period coverage available for up to five (5) years for claims made after retirement or in the event of non-renewal, for professional services rendered prior to retirement or non-renewal. The additional premium schedule is:

1 Year – 150% of your most recent annual premium

2 Years – 175% of your most recent annual premium

3 Years – 200% of your most recent annual premium

5 Years – 250% of your most recent annual premium

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Who needs this coverage?

  • Members who are independent contractors (i.e. a self-employed individual)
  • Members who lease office space
  • Members who visit patient sites
  • Members who conduct educational / training seminars
  • Members who write articles in publications

What are the coverage highlights of Trisura's Commercial General Liability Insurance program?

  • Coverage is provided for bodily injury and property damage suffered by others arising out of a member's “non-professional” activities.
  • There is coverage for personal injury and advertising injury liability.
  • Tenants Legal Liability provides coverage for property damage for which the member is responsible, to property that is owned by the member's landlord.
  • Limits of Insurance of $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 may be purchased.

General Questions

How long does it take to process the insurance application?

Once you've completed the on-line application and your credit card payment is approved, coverage is immediate and is effective the date that the on-line application is signed and dated.

When will I receive confirmation of coverage?

Confirmation is immediate. You can print out a copy of your Certificate of Insurance right away. A copy of your coverage certificate and receipt will also be sent to you by email.

I did not receive my coverage receipt and certificate by email. How do I obtain another copy?

Please login to your Trisura account to obtain a copy of your coverage certificate and receipt. Your account will also have a copy of last year’s coverage certificate and receipt as well.

What is the policy term?

The policy term is from July 1st to June 30th. Applications submitted mid term will be subject to a quarterly discount as follows:

  • November 30 to March 31 where a discount of 25% will apply; and
  • April 1 to June 30 where a discount of 50% will apply.

If I purchase a policy but move to another province mid term, will my policy still be valid?

Yes, as long as you are still working in the hospital environment. If you are working in a hospital/community practice, your hospital practice must still account for 70% or more of your earnings, and your community practice must still account for 30% or less of your earnings. You must also login to your Trisura account to update your contact information.

If I cancel my policy mid-term, am I entitled to a refund?

No, all premiums are considered fully earned. This means that there are no refunds for cancelled policies.

Are the insurance premiums taxable?

Provincial sales tax may apply, depending on your province of residence (e.g. Ontario insurance premiums are subject to 8% P.S.T. and Quebec residents are subject to 9%).

What do I do if I require legal assistance?

Your Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company policy includes access to unlimited legal advice by calling 1-866-945-5207. If you have any questions that require the assistance of a lawyer, the Trisura Legal Assistance Hotline is available from 8 am to midnight (local time), seven days per week. In emergency situations, your call will always be answered.

What do I do if I require legal assistance?

  1. Have your policy number ready. By having the information ready, we will be able to quickly confirm that you are a Trisura policyholder.

  2. Call the Hotline at 1-866-945-5207. The first voice you hear will be a customer service agent, who will take down basic information and direct you to the correct area of the law. You will then either speak directly to a lawyer or schedule the most convenient time for a lawyer to call you back.
  3. Speak with the Lawyer. Our lawyers are knowledgeable and courteous, and will provide you with the information and clearly defined next steps. There is no limit to the duration or number of calls. On the contrary, it is encouraged to call whenever you have a legal concern to help minimize risk of more complicated future problems.

Who is Benson Kearley IFG?

Benson Kearley IFG is a multi-line insurance brokerage based in Newmarket, Ontario. Their specializations include professional liability for healthcare and other professional disciplines.

Who is the insurer?

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is a Canadian-based insurance company that specializes in professional liability and other corporate risk products.

Need Help?

For questions related to your insurance coverage, contact:

Gerrie Bolton, Benson Kearley IFG
Tel. (905) 707-5141, ext. 1256
Toll Free (800) 463-6503 

For questions related to technical and payment issues, contact:

Trisura's Help Desk
Toll Free (844) 264-3317