General Awards Eligibility and Submission Requirements

Prepare your submission in advance: the complete application can be downloaded or viewed in the submission requirements section below 

Application form:

Award criteria and signature form:    

The deadline for applications is 23:59 PDT September 30, 2018

Eligibility requirements

General awards are presented to pharmacists in recognition of their commitment to the profession and their patients. For a submission to be considered, at least one team member must meet these eligibility requirements:

  • The applicant holds a professional degree in pharmacy
  • The applicant has paid CSHP membership fees for the current year
  • The applicant has held CSHP membership since September 5, 2017
  • The applicant is not applying for any award that he or she won the previous year

Team members who meet eligibility requirements will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the Professional Practice Conference (PPC) and will receive a personalized framed certificate. The award-winning team will also receive a cash award of $1500.  

Applicants are limited to two project submissions per year, either as the main applicant or as a team member. A separate submission is required for each project.

Submission requirements

Conformance to award criteria

All applications must conform to the submission requirements; failure to do so may result in disqualification of your submission. Plagiarized submissions will be automatically disqualified.

It is recommended that you compose your submission in advance using your normal word processor, according to the sections below. The information can then be copied/pasted into the online application. This will ensure that you have a local copy in case of computer error. Please save a copy of your submission offline for your records before you enter it online. Applications may be submitted in English or French.

The application is divided into the following five sections:

1. Relevance to award criteria 

Describe how the project meets the criteria of the selected award category (maximum 1300 characters, including spacing and punctuation).

2. Abstract

Provide a project abstract,using the following headings: Background, Objective(s), Methods, Results, and Conclusions (maximum 2500 characters, including spacing and punctuation). 

3. Project goal 

State the overall goal of the project, including the problem statement that describes the impetus for undertaking the project (maximum 1300 characters, including spacing and punctuation).

4. Demonstration of excellence

  • a) Describe how the project demonstrates excellence in the field and offers a significant improvement in practice, process, or structure. Please provide specific examples (maximum 4000 characters, including spacing and punctuation).
  • b) Demonstrate how the project has successfully achieved its goals by providing evidence of significant and measurable results. Provide data, results and outcomes that show how this project has had a positive impact on Canada’s health system. You may upload a maximum of four attachments, see below (maximum 4000 characters, including spacing and punctuation).

5. Project generalizability

  • a) Describe how the project demonstrates best practices and has the potential to add value across the pharmacy profession. Please provide specific examples (maximum 2500 characters, including spacing and punctuation).
  • b) Discuss the sustainability/replicability of this program/initiative (maximum 1500 characters, including spacing and punctuation).


Submissions may include 4 single-page files that can be images, charts, tables, or figures. One object is allowed per page, and files must be in PDF format.


To ensure the integrity of the blind peer-review for award submissions, every effort should be made to prevent the identities of team members and appraisers from being known to each other. This involves team members, awards committee members, and appraisers checking to see if the following steps have been taken with regard to the text and file properties:

1. Attachments: author identification should be removed from the properties of any files that are uploaded as part of the submission. For information on removing author identification from the file properties of Microsoft Office and PDF documents, visit the Blinding Guidelines page.

2. Text: to ensure that the text of an award submission is properly blinded, team members should:

  • a) Ensure that the submission is anonymous and does  NOT include any identifying information. This extends to but is not limited to the following: team member names; institution details; team member contact details; ethics approval statements that refer to a specific institution; names of institutions, participants, or geographic locations involved in studies; websites or URLs involved in studies or that refer to specific institutions. Such identifying information should be removed and replaced with “XXX.” This does not apply to the "Team Members" or "Award Specific Information" sections of the application that specifically collect team member names, contact information, and project location. Identifying information captured in these sections is not shown to the award appraisers.
  • b) Ensure that the third person is used to refer to any work previously undertaken by the team member(s). For example, replace any phrases like “as we have shown before” with “has been shown before.” 
  • c) Ensure that attachments do not contain any affiliation related identifiers. 
  • d) Ensure that any references to funding sources are removed.

Submissions that have not been blinded properly are subject to disqualification. 


The submission consists of the online application and a signature form. Signature forms can be downloaded from the CSHP website. The signature form must be signed by all team members listed on the award application and an administrative-level representative of the hospital or healthcare system where the project or program was implemented (examples: Director of Pharmacy, Director or Coordinator of Residency Program, Faculty Representative, or Medical Director, as applicable). By signing the form, the administrative-level representative confirms the institution’s endorsement of the project or program. Applications are screened for compliance with submission criteria and the required endorsement. Applications then undergo a blinded appraisal process prior to final selection. 


The final application and signature form must be submitted by 23:59 PDT September 30, 2018. Changes may be made to both the application and signature form until deadline. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

Additional requirements

  1. Should the project be selected for an award, CSHP will request a separate unblinded abstract for publishing in an upcoming issue of the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (CJHP). The abstract will be formatted according to CJHP guidelines and will provide a citation for all team members (CSHP Members and non-members). 
  2. Should the project be selected for an award, winners will present their project at an oral abstract session as part of the PPC program. 
  3. CSHP reserves the right to retain and circulate award-winning abstracts.

Facilitated posters

Consider showcasing your project by applying for a facilitated poster presentation

Inquiries should be directed to :

Robyn Rockwell, Membership & Awards Administrator
Toll Free: 1 (877) 340-2756, ext. 222
Direct: (613) 736-9733