Honorary Membership

In recognition of outstanding career contributions to hospital pharmacy or some related field of healthcare, CSHP Members may nominate their colleagues for CSHP Honorary Membership. The new Honorary Member will be recognized at her or his discretion either during a Branch event in her or his home province or during the Awards Ceremony at the Professional Practice Conference (PPC).

CSHP Honorary Member 2016

Rosemary A Bacovsky
BScPharm, MPharm, MHSA, FASHP, FCSHP, Honorary Membership CSHP 

Full biography

Rosemary Bacovsky graduated from the University of Alberta with a BScPharm in 1977 and immediately pursued a hospital pharmacy residency the following year. She later completed the Master of Pharmacy degree in 1985 and a Master of Health Services Administration in 1997.

Rosemary completed her residency at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. While working at the Cross Cancer Institute, she implemented clinical oncology programs and a chemotherapy IV admixture program, one of the first in Canada.  She developed the CSHP standards for handling and disposal of hazardous pharmaceuticals, which were endorsed by the Canadian Standards Association. Rosemary was instrumental in the establishment of the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners and in the organization of its third international Symposium (Toronto 1993).

After leaving direct hospital practice, Rosemary continued to advocate for the advancement of pharmacist practice, being one of the early champions of independent prescribing, working with the Alberta College of Pharmacists, government officials, and her fellow pharmacists. She was pivotal in developing the prescribing framework, wording for legislation, and relevant standards, resulting in granting Alberta pharmacists the broadest scope of practice in North America (April 2007). In 2008, Rosemary took her experience across provincial boarders and assisted the Ontario College of Pharmacists achieve their expanded scope as well. Her accomplishments that benefit the profession of pharmacy go on, including enabling pharmacists to be recognized by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency as practitioners, which led to government funded remuneration for non-dispensing activities.

Rosemary has been a CSHP member since graduating with her BScPharm and has held various positions with CSHP both provincially and nationally, including Branch Delegate, Branch President, and was the 1985−1986 national President. She has been Chairperson for various national committees and task forces, including the Board of Fellows (becoming a fellow herself in 1990). She has won numerous awards, including the CSHP Distinguished Service Award in 1997 but most recently has been honored with centennial awards by both the Alberta College of Pharmacists and the Canadian Pharmacist Association.

Since leaving Alberta Health in 1996, Rosemary consults full time. Currently, she prepares reports on pharmaceutical policy and serves as an expert witness in federal court proceedings on drug plans and practices. When not consulting, she and her husband travel the world to enjoy great food experiences.

Rosemary was recognized during the Awards Ceremony at CSHP's 48th Annual Professional Practice Conference. The Awards Ceremony was held February 5, 2017, at the InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel, Toronto, Ontario. 


Honorary Members are Members who have been elected by two thirds majority of the entire membership of the Board in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of hospital pharmacy or a related healthcare field, and exceptional service directly or indirectly to the mission of CSHP. The status of Honorary Member shall be granted for life, subject to the provisions of Bylaw Article 3.1.1, and subject to the Policy on Honorary Membership. Honorary Members shall be exempt from the payment of membership fees.

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