Hospital Pharmacy Student Award Criteria


The submission consists of an online application and a signature form. The signature form must be signed by a preceptor or supervisor who is endorsing the applicant. If the applicant’s preceptor or supervisor is not a member of CSHP, the signature of a current CSHP Member is also required. Following the submission of the online application, the signature form must be completed and returned to CSHP. Applications are screened for compliance with the criteria for this award and the required endorsement. The applications are then blinded and sent to the Awards Committee for review and final selection.

Applications and signature forms will be accepted until 23:59 PDT  October 7, 2018.

Eligibility requirements 

The following eligibility requirements apply:

  • The applicant is enrolled in a pharmacy program at a Canadian university at the time the application is submitted
  • The applicant is an active member of CAPSI
  • The applicant has paid CSHP Student Pharmacist Supporter fees for the current year
  • The applicant has received training in an organized healthcare setting
  • The applicant has exhibited the traits of a capable future hospital pharmacy practitioner
  • The applicant has shown a commitment to hospital pharmacy practice through participation in the education of healthcare practitioners, the public or patients and/or through voluntary participation in CSHP activities
  • The applicant has been endorsed by a preceptor or supervisor who can attest to the candidate’s worthiness for this award through his or her stated contributions to hospital pharmacy


The recipient is recognized during CAPSI’s Professional Development Week (PDW) Conference, with travel and accommodation costs covered by CSHP. The recipient is presented with a framed certificate and a cash award of $500.

Helpful hints

It is suggested that you compose your submission using your normal word processor and copy/paste the information into the online nomination form. This will ensure that you have a local copy in case of computer error. Save a copy of your submission for your records before you enter it online. 

You will be asked to document your years of enrollment with CSHP and CAPSI. 

You will be asked to document your memberships in professional organizations. 

You will be asked to describe your pharmacy-related experience in an organized healthcare setting.

You will be asked to list your pharmacy-related publications and presentations. Exclude presentations or project work directly associated with coursework.

You will be asked to describe volunteer activities related to this award, including involvement with CSHP (committee/task force work, holding office, and other elected or appointed positions).  

Letters of support are optional due to the fact that the submission will be blinded prior to evaluation. If letters of support are included with your submission, please keep identifying information to a minimum. Otherwise, the letters will not be reviewed during the selection process.

Supporting document

The following document must accompany the application:

  • signature form