Island Health News Release on New Medication Teaching Videos for Heart Health Patients

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January 2019

New Medication Teaching Videos for Heart Health Patients

Vancouver Island – Island Health is making it much easier for patients to understand how and when to take their medication and at the same time freeing up valuable medical staff time. A video series, available at or  instructs patients on best practices for taking six commonly prescribed medications.

Island Health pharmacy, and heart health teams joined forces with Island Health Distributed Multimedia Services (DMSS) to create the videos.

“Having one message delivered by one pharmacist in the video series ensures all patients receive the same consistent and thorough understanding of how best to manage their own medications,” said Dr. Sean Spina, Island Health Coordinator of Clinical Pharmacy Services. “When families or friends also have questions about medication, the answers are available on our website which will create greater awareness and support a team-based medication management approach.”

Bringing the videos to life was a labour of love for everyone involved, including Stew Lockhart from DMMS and Trevor Elton, the pharmacist leading their development.

“We are really happy with the final product and feel that the videos will improve patient care,” notes Elton. “Now patients will be able to watch and re-watch this educational material from their hospital bed or the comfort of their own home, as will caregivers and anyone helping with medication management.”

Island Health chose the six most commonly prescribed heart-related medication(s) classes for its initial video education series. They are, warfarin, Statins, ACE inhibitors, ARBs, Beta Blockers and DOACs.

The video series was funded by donors to the Victoria Hospitals Foundation and in cooperation with Island Health’s Distributed Multimedia Systems and the Patient Voices Network.