Leading Practices

CPRB defines a leading practice as a noteworthy practice or implementation of a tool that has a positive impact on the delivery or educational outcomes of a Pharmacy Practice Residency Program. They are worthy of recognition for what they contribute to Pharmacy Residency Programs. Many are ingenious in their simplicity and show how innovative strategies can be applied, and excellence achieved.

During the on-site survey visit, surveyors will verify the leading practice information provided. If the practice/tool is approved by CPRB, it is added to CSHP’s website. It is recommended that Pharmacy Residency Leading Practices applications be submitted with the “Request for Accreditation Survey” as part of the pre-survey documents required prior to the survey. However, the Board will accept Pharmacy Residency Leading Practices applications post survey visit with the written comments submitted to the Board within 30 days of receipt of the survey report. Please note that the Pharmacy Residency Leading Practices do not influence the accreditation decision.

Accepted Leading Practices

Alberta Health Services 

Kingston General Hospital 

Mount Sinai Hospital

St. Michael’s Hospital 

Saskatchewan Health Authority



    Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

    For questions or comments please contact gday@cshp.ca or call Gloria Day at 613-736-9733 ext. 231

    Submitting a Leading Practice

    Up to three Pharmacy Residency Leading Practices per program may be submitted per accreditation cycle. To be approved as a Pharmacy Residency Leading Practice, the practice or tool must be:

    • linked to Accreditation Standards
    • creative and innovative
    • demonstrates successful results and efficiency in practice
    • adaptable by other organizations.

      If your program has implemented what you believe to be a leading practice or an effective tool, please provide the following information.

      1. Pharmacy Residency Leading Practice Title
      2. A description of the practice or copy of the tool and indicate how this practice/tool is linked to Accreditation Standards.
      3. Why did your program decide to implement this practice/tool?
      4. What makes this practice/tool creative and innovative?
      5. Which processes or educational outcomes has this practice/tool improved in your program?
      6. Which resources are required for this practice/tool to be implemented by other pharmacy residency programs?

      To have this leading practice posted on the CSHP’s website; please provide a summary describing and explaining the impact it has had.  CHPRB reserves the right to edit the information submitted for style, content, and length.

      Contact name and e-mail address for the person who can be contacted at your organization if others wish to know more about this practice/tool.

      Adapted with permission from Accreditation Canada “Leading Practices Application Template”