Liability Insurance

Benefit from improved coverage, reduced rates, and ongoing value

Enhanced Liability Insurance Program for CSHP members

BMS Canada Risk Services (BMS) brings you comprehensive and cost-effective insurance throughout the 2019-2020 membership cycle. As a member, this exclusive policy provides you with access to industry-specific risk management resources, experienced insurance and claims service and specialist legal support, including pro bono services.


BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd.
825 Exhibition Way, Suite 209
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5J3

Toll Free: 1 (844) 200-7033
Fax: (613) 701-4234

Coverage options

Individual professional liability (PLI) – claims made


Commercial general liability (CGL) – occurrence form

CGL is recommended for independent contractors and/or business owners with no other healthcare providers.

Commercial General Liability



BMS Webinar

Webinar: CSHP Liability Insurance Program

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about the features of the CSHP Liability Insurance Program including: 
•    Evolving risks facing Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
•    How Professional Liability responds in different practice situations
•    Additional coverages available exclusively to CSHP Members, including Commercial General Liability & Cyber Security and Privacy Liability
•    About BMS & the additional support services available to Members, including pro bono legal services




COVID-19: Insurance Coverage Position Statement

BMS is closely monitoring developments as the situation with COVID-19 evolves and is committed to continuing to provide coverage to our members during this difficult time. Please read the COVID-19: Insurance Coverage Position Statement for details.

The information in this Position Statement is applicable to all CSHP policy holders (pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy students or interns).

The policy automatically extends to cover insured members at no additional cost for up to 7 years while on extended leave, maternity/parental leave or upon retirement.

Retired professionals who return to work must purchase an active policy (and should check with their provincial regulatory body about registration to active status).

Retired pharmacists renewing with CSHP would get a pro-rated premium between now and June 30, 2020.

Pro-rated savings:
Until March 31: 25%
From April 1–June 30: 50%

Once a retired member has renewed with CSHP, they will be bumped ahead to the 2020-2021 year starting April 1 and would get a 50% discounted retired member rate, as well as a 50% discount on their liability insurance.