The CSHP office, located in Ottawa, Ontario, is responsible for conducting the business and affairs of CSHP. It is an information-resource centre and provides continuity for the business of the Society. It serves as a liaison with other associations and government and is responsible for organizing and coordinating national Society meetings, activities and programs. The staff do not set policy, but act as administrators of policy as established by the Board.


Chief Executive Officer
Jody Ciufo

Responsible to the CSHP Board and Executive for implementing approved strategic plans. Liaison with branches, professional organizations, other associations, and government.

Programs and Committee Liaison Responsibilities:
National Office
Executive and the Board 
Representative for CSHP

(877) 340-2756 ext. 225
(613) 912-4101

Executive Assistant
Rosemary Pantalone

Provides administrative assistance to CSHP’s Executive and Board, including the Executive Director.

Programs and Committee Liaison Responsibilities:

(877) 340-2756 ext. 230
(613) 912-4103


Chief Pharmacy Officer
Christina Adams

Oversees and provides leadership to the professional practice team. Responsible for the development of CSHP’s suite of professional resources, policy positions, continuing education, best practices, consultations, research and knowledge translation.

Programs and Committee Responsibilities:
Pharmacy Practice Publications Steering (P3S)
Pharmacy Specialty Networking (PSN)
Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board (CPRB)
Hospital Pharmacy in Canada Survey Board (HPC)

(877) 340-2756 ext. 227
(613) 912-3494

Director, Marketing and Communications
Clara Wicke

Oversees and provides leadership for membership, web, media, branding, sponsorship, publications and advocacy initiatives.

Programs and Committee Responsibilities:
Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (CJHP)
Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM)

(877) 340-2756 ext. 229
(613) 909-9962


Director, Corporate Services
Desarae Davidson

Manages the general operations of the CSHP office, provides lead support to projects, supervises office staff, establishes work priorities, and liaises with CSHP members, other organizations, suppliers and sponsors.

Programs and Committee Liaison Responsibilities:
Conference (PPC, Harrison, PDW)
Awards (Fellows)
Educational Services (ESC)

(877) 340-2756 ext. 226
(613) 736-9733


Director of Finance
Cathi Yabsley

Provides Financial and Business Advisory Services including but not limited to; Monitor financial reporting systems, accounting policies and procedures, payroll processing and investment activities. Assist with the planning and coordination of the year-end audits, including corporate tax filings. Make recommendations for changes to the Executive Director and Operations Manager regarding financial policies and procedures, information system, budget and audit planning processes, payroll, other financial control functions and finance human resources.

Programs and Committees Liaison Responsibilities:
Finance and Audit Committee

(877) 340-2756 ext. 102
(613) 699-7770


Membership & Awards Administrator
Robyn Rockwell

Provides administrative support to the general membership, the Membership Committee, and the National Awards Committee.

Programs and Committee Liaison Responsibilities:

(877) 340-2756 ext. 222
(613) 909-9964


Publications Administrator
Amanda Iannaccio

Responsible for CSHP's publications portfolio and provides support to the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy Editorial Board and the Pharmacy Practice Publications Steering Committee. 

Programs and Committee Liaison Responsibilities:
The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy Editorial Board
Pharmacy Practice Publications Steering Committee

(877) 340-2756 ext. 228
(613) 912-4105


CPRB Administrator
Gloria Day

Provides administrative support to the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board (CPRB).

Programs and Committee Liaison Responsibilities:
Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board (CPRB)

(877) 340-2756 ext. 231
(613) 909-9955


Finance Administrator
Anna Dudek

Provides bookkeeping services to the CSHP National office, CSHP Foundation. Records the organizations business transactions and retains all accounting records.

Programs and Committee Liaison Responsibility:
Finance & Audit 

(877) 340-2756 ext. 223
(613) 912-4106


General Program Administrator
Pamela Saunders

Provides clerical support to the CSHP national office staff and administrative support to the Fellows Recognition Committee, Excellence Program, and the Branch Awards.

Programs and Committee Liaison Responsibility:
Fellows Recognition
Professional Practice
Conference (National and Branch)

(877) 340-2756 ext. 224
(613) 736-5660


Ontario Branch & Advocacy Executive Assistant 
Anne Stacey

Provides administrative support and services to the CSHP Ontario Branch (OB) and the Advocacy Committee.

Programs and Committee Liaison Responsibilities:
Ontario Branch Board 

(877) 340-2756 ext. 232
(613) 909-9968