Personal Recognition Awards

The Gordon Murray Ontario Branch Contribution Award

This award recognizes a nominee who is an active member of the CSHP Ontario Branch who has made long-term, outstanding contributions to the Branch. Applications are evaluated on the basis of Branch contributions and Chapter contributions in this order of priority.

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The Dan Dasko Pharmacy Administrator Award

This award recognizes a nominee who is a hospital pharmacy administrator (i.e. Director, Manager, Supervisor, Coordinator, etc.) who is willing to give of themselves to develop the future of the profession and empower their staff to make a difference in hospital pharmacy practice.

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The William McLean Clincial Pharmacist Award

This award recognizes a nominee who has demonstrated outstanding skills in clinical practice and education.

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Ontario Branch Mentorship Award

This award recognizes a CSHP Ontario Branch member who has made significant contributions to the profession of pharmacy through teaching or mentorship. The nominee should have at least five years’ experience in the following categories:

  • Preceptor for pharmacy students, interns or hospital pharmacy residents
  • Training and/or supervising new staff pharmacists in patient care activities or pharmacy administration

The nominee must also exemplify the combined skills of a teacher, a mentor, confidante, a recognized leader and practitioner through the following activities:

  • Positive influence on pharmacy practice to students and residents; 
  • Continued upgrade of his/ her own skills;
  • Teaching through sharing of nominee’s own experiences;
  • Ability to motivate and encourage students, peers, and staff;
  • Readily creates opportunities for students, peers or staff to gain valuable experiences.
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New Hospital Pharmacy Practitioner Award

This award recognizes a candidate must has made an exceptional contribution to hospital pharmacy through patient care innovation, education, publications or participation in CSHP activities. The candidate must have no more than three years of hospital experience.

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Hospital Practice in a Rural Setting Award

This award recognizes a candidate who has made a demonstrated impact on the safety and quality of pharmacy services provided in a geographically isolated or rural practice setting.

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CSHP Ontario Branch Award for Pharmacy and Community Leadership

This award recognizes a clinician or administrator with strong community involvement.  The nominee demonstrates excellence in pharmacy practice AND significant community service outside the profession of pharmacy. The nominee must have demonstrated exemplary skills in at least two of the following: 

  • Patient Centred Care;
  • Developing Collaborative Partnerships;
  • Stewardship of healthcare resources.


  • Demonstrated significant contribution to society / community outside the pharmacy setting through volunteer or service related activities.