Residency Awards

The Pharmacy Practice Residency Award

This award is for a hospital residency project judged to be the most deserving in terms of representing a significant innovation, practical application and/or development in an institutional pharmacy practice setting. The applicant must have been a member of Ontario Branch, CSHP, at the time the residency was completed and must be currently enrolled in, or one-year post completion of, a CHPRB (Canadian Hospital Pharmacy Residency Board) accredited hospital pharmacy residency program.

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The Paul Halligan Memorial Pharmacy Resident Award

This award recognizes a deserving resident who reflects the dedication, discipline, determination and enthusiasm that Paul Halligan brought to the profession of Pharmacy.

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Charlie Bayliff Resident Preceptor of the Year Award

This award recognizes a deserving nominee who exemplifies the combined skills of a teacher, a mentor, recognized leader and practitioner through the following activities: 

  • An excellent role model demonstrating professionalism and the use of evidence based practice
  • Demonstrated willingness to share knowledge and expertise
  • Models CSHP Mission, Vision & Values
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate and encourage students
  • Facilitates the integration of the learner into the social culture of the organization
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fosters a welcoming, safe, and trusting environment
  • Discusses learners performance providing constructive feedback in a sensitive manner
  • Consistently works with learner to accomplish learner’s goals
  • Creates opportunities for students to gain valuable intra and inter-professional learning experiences
  • Demonstration of continued personal professional development
  • Emphasizes safety in all aspects of patient care
  • Significant contributions to residency training in the role of preceptor and mentor
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OPRA Poster Award

Poster abstracts will be evaluated by the Awards Committee who will choose 8-9 posters which the residents will present for the competition on the day of the AGM. The evaluation criteria are based on the objectives, methodology, results, and conclusions of the poster as well as how well the candidate answers questions of the evaluator during the AGM.

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