The Ottawa Hospital and Montfort Hospital

Joint Pharmacy Residency
501 Smyth Road
Ottawa, ON, K1H 8L6

Director of Residency Program and Chief of Pharmacy: Céline Corman
Phone: 613-737-8899 x 72863
Fax: 613-737-8891


Civic campus Contact:
Dr. Bob MacLean, PharmD, BCPS
Phone: 613-737-8899 ext.16645

The Ottawa General campus Contact:
Jason Wentzell, BScPhm
Phone: 613-274-8870

Montfort Hospital campus Contact: Dr. Christine Landry, BPharm, MSc, PharmD
Phone: 613-746-4621 ext. 4711


Type: General
Established in: 1972
# Positions: 4 (TOH) + 1 (Montfort)
Application deadline: as set by PRFO
Starting date: Mid-June to mid-July or September
Est. stipend: $30,000 per annum
Vacation/holiday leave: 2 weeks
Education/conference leave: 1 week

Program highlights: Program is designed to provide basics of hospital pharmacy practice with patient orientation.  Major emphasis is placed on services particular to hospital: Clinical Pharmacy, Drug Information, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Clinical Toxicology. Program exposes resident to all varieties of drug problems: therapeutic, pharmaceutic, administrative and toxicological. Resident is continually confronted with problem situations and expected to respond and assist in their resolution. Effective communication of therapeutic drug knowledge in the clinical setting is a major emphasis.

Required Rotations: General Medicine (5 + 2 weeks), Intensive Care Unit (4 weeks), Infectious Diseases (4 weeks), Hemato/Oncology (4 weeks), Cardiology or Nephrology (4 weeks), Administration (1 week), Drug Distribution (3 weeks), Drug Information (4 weeks) and 1-2 selective rotations of 4 weeks in length each from a choice of 12 clinical specialties.

Elective Rotations: 4 weeks allotted

Minimum required credentials: Eligible for licensure within Canada


Type: The Ottawa Hospital campuses: Tertiary care, teaching hospital 
Montfort: acute primary and secondary care, teaching hospital
Number of beds: TOH: 1121 and Montfort: 289
Sites: TOH General Campus, Civic Campus, Heart Institute, and Montfort Hospital
Affiliation: University of Toronto (for residency program), University of Ottawa


Ellen Dawson
Silvija Mihajlovic
Andrew Osinga
Priya Patel
Mashael Saleh

Ara Cho
Sarah Drost
Alicia Forest
Stephanie Gautron
Karen too
Christine Trieu

Jérémie Gauthier
Andy Ma
Ashley Masys
Kelly Flemming
Alexandru Mera
Corey Tsang

Lauren Elliott
Heather MacPhee
Mielen Mistry
Paul Moyer
Joy Rashid

Unnum Chowdhry
Kim Do
Erin Francis
Meghan Hayes
Lauren Hutton
Nazanin Malek

Karen Kan
Nadia Pawlosky
Jessica Robinson
Alyssa Stevenson
Melanie Trinacty