Past Winners - Teaching, Learning and Education Award

2019 award recipient 

Development of a Vancomycin Competency-Based Training and Assessment Program (VC-TAP)

Meagan Rieger, Barb Evans, Justin Kosar

Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatoon Area

Background: Competency based education focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be competent in an area. Currently, hospital pharmacists in Saskatoon receive training for vancomycin; however, competency is not measured. 

Objectives: 1) Obtain Saskatoon pharmacists’ views on the current training module, existing knowledge gaps, and components of a competency-based training program, 2) define competencies for managing patients on vancomycin, 3) create a vancomycin pharmacist competency rubric and assessment tool, 4) develop vancomycin education modules, and 5) survey pharmacists for feedback on the education modules and future program development.

Methods: Focus groups were conducted to identify what an ideal vancomycin training program would constitute. Competencies and a rubric with accompanying formative feedback form were created using existing standards, focus group discussions, and local expert opinions. Pharmacists were invited to listen to education modules, adapted from the previous vancomycin training PowerPoint®, and then provide feedback on strengths, perceived gaps and future program development.

Results: Several competencies were defined for pharmacists monitoring patients on vancomycin therapy. The rubric and formative feedback form used the Dreyfus Skill Acquisition rating scale to evaluate pharmacists during initial and continued management of vancomycin. Four vancomycin e-learning modules were created discussing 1) pharmacology and adverse effects, 2) nomograms, dosing, and administration, 3) therapeutic drug monitoring, and 4) dosing in special patient populations. Overall, 29.7% of hospital pharmacists in Saskatoon completed the education modules and survey. The survey indicated the modules were long but had good content and were well presented.

Conclusions: The rubric, formative feedback form, and education modules have been developed for vancomycin competency-based training and assessment program (VC-TAP). Further study will be required to determine the program’s impact on pharmacist competency when dosing and monitoring patients on vancomycin.

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Past award recipients

Abstracts for the projects listed below can be viewed in the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (CJHP). Award-winning abstracts are generally published in the first or second issue of each volume.


Sponsored by Pfizer Canada Inc.

Tessa Lambourne, Laura V Minard

Optimizing Patient Education of Oncology Medications: A Patient Perspective (completed at Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, Nova Scotia)


Sponsored by Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Denis Lebel, Pascal Bédard, Jean-François Bussières

Medication Errors Room: A Simulation to Assess the Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy
Staffs’ Ability to Identify Errors Related to the Medication-Use System (completed at CHU
Sainte-Justine, Montréal, Québec)


Sponsored by Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Roger Cheng, Sylvia Hyland

Learning from Medication Incidents One Group at a Time: The Development and Evaluation of Multi-Incident Analysis Workshops (completed at Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada, Toronto, Ontario)


Sponsored by Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Certina Ho

Effectiveness of Extracurricular Journal Clubs on Pharmacy Students' Learning of Evidence-based Medicine and Critical Appraisal (completed at School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario)


Sponsored by Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Alice Tseng, Pierre Giguère

2013 Handbook and Website on Hepatitis C Drug Therapy (completed at the University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario)


Sponsored by Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Douglas Doucette

What Patients Want: Preferences Regarding Hospital Pharmacy Services (completed at Horizon Health Network, Moncton, New Brunswick)


Sponsored by Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Jennifer Harrison

An Online e-Learning Patient Education Program for Solid Organ Transplant Recipients (completed at Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario)


Sponsored by Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Régis Vaillancourt, Sylvain Grenier

International Pictogram Project for the Labelling of Medication (project was an international collaboration completed at multiple sites)


Sponsored by Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

Adrienne Lindblad, Jason Howorko, Richard Cashin, Carmen Leung, Erin Cashin

The Development and Evaluation of a Student Pharmacist Clinical Teaching Unit Utilizing
Peer Assisted Learning (completed at Red Deer Regional Hospital, Red Deer, Alberta)


Sponsored by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Jean-François Bussières

Développement  d'un livre pour l'enseignement de la legislation (completed at CHU
Sainte-Justine, Montréal, Québec)

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