Pharmacy Awareness Month

March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018

Your Hospital Pharmacy Team: Your Trusted Medication Experts

March 2018 is Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM). During this time, pharmacists promote their role to other health care professionals and patients within hospitals and related health care settings. Pharmacists and pharmacist students can use this time to educate people about the variety of valuable services pharmacists provide. Promotional materials such as posters, educational leaflets and resource manuals help members in planning for Pharmacy Awareness events.

Pharmacies have the flexibility of selecting the time period in March that works best for them. For example, some organizations may plan events throughout the whole month, a week or two, or even once a twice during the month.

The theme of the 2018 event, " Your Hospital Pharmacy Team: Your Trusted Medication Experts” was developed by the PAM 2018 Working Group to reflect the integral role that the entire pharmacy plays in medication management. It aligns with work undertaken by CSHP to communicate the role pharmacists can play in health care as well as highlight the unified efforts of all members of a pharmacy team.

Let’s celebrate and promote pharmacy!

Key Messages

Making a difference as your medication experts

The hospital pharmacy team members are your medication experts who evaluate patient medicines to ensure they are needed, effective, and safe, based on individualized information and evidence-based assessments of the treatments.

Making a difference as an integral part of your health care team

The pharmacy team works in close collaboration with other health care professionals in the hospital to ensure the most appropriate care is provided to patients. The pharmacy team empowers their patients by highlighting the importance of their treatments so patients can take charge of their health. The pharmacy team ensures patients take their medications properly thereby reducing unnecessary hospital admissions and saving millions on health care spending.

Making a difference by providing patient-centered care  

Your hospital pharmacy team provides care that respects patient preferences, needs, and values. Your pharmacy team partners with patients to ensure they have medication information that is based on the best quality evidence to achieve their health care goals. By educating patients on medication therapy, the pharmacy team empowers patients to be involved in their own care.

Making a difference by providing effective communication and education for patients

Beyond managing patients’ current and new medications, your pharmacy team also informs patients about how to use and care for new medication devices, creates personalized care plans, identifies medication options, and enables patients to make decisions regarding their health beyond medication needs.

Please click here to download the Key Messages Flyer.

Connect with CSHP during PAM

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