Pharmacy Awareness Month

Your Hospital Pharmacy Team: Your Trusted Medication Experts

March is Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM). During this time, pharmacists promote their role to other health care professionals and patients within hospitals and related health care settings. Pharmacists and pharmacist students can use this time to educate people about the variety of valuable services pharmacists provide. Promotional materials such as posters, brochures, and planning manuals help members in planning for Pharmacy Awareness events.

Pharmacies have the flexibility of selecting the time period in March that works best for them. For example, some organizations may plan events throughout the whole month, a week or two, or even once a twice during the month.

The theme is " Your Hospital Pharmacy Team: Your Trusted Medication Experts” which reflects the integral role that the entire pharmacy plays in medication management. It aligns with work undertaken by CSHP to communicate the role pharmacists can play in health care as well as highlight the unified efforts of all members of a pharmacy team.

Let’s celebrate and promote pharmacy!

Key Messages

1. YOU are a pharmacist’s priority.

When evaluating your medications, your pharmacy team will:
•   Discuss your preferences, values, and needs with you
•   Empower you and your caregivers to be more involved in your care
•   Ensure you understand your medications and the information provided

2. YOU have access to a medication expert in your pharmacist.

Your pharmacy team is trained to ensure that your medication is:
•   Safe and effective for you
•   Based on the latest scientific evidence
•   Tailored to meet your individual needs

3. YOU benefit from having a pharmacist on your health care team.

Your pharmacy team is trained to work with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to:
•   Provide you with the best individualized care and treatments
•   Help you to make informed medication decisions
•   Optimize your medications to reduce hospital visits 

4. YOU and your healthcare team can learn a lot from your pharmacist.

Through effective communication and education, your pharmacist will:
•   Educate you and your caregivers on the best way to take your medications and use your medication devices
•   Discuss various medication options for you to create personalized care plans  
•   Enable you and your caregivers to make decisions about your healthcare needs
•   Teach healthcare professionals on your care team about optimal medications and health management

Tools and resources

CSHP has developed a wide variety of resources to help you promote Pharmacist Awareness Month to your patients and the public. Please feel free to download and print the promotional materials below. This material is appropriate for year round display as well!

Posters should be posted in high traffic patient areas in your worksite and the brochures can be printed, folded, and made available as take away items. 

PAM Poster – English   
PAM Poster – French
PAM Brochure – English
PAM Brochure – French

Collaborative Care materials: 

PAM Poster – English   
PAM Brochure– English

Printing brochure: deselect “Shrink to fit” or “Fit to page”, select landscape orientation, and select the “Short-edge” for the double-siding. Fold as appropriate.

Please click here for a Pharmacy Awareness Month Planning Guide

Get involved

•    Make Pharmacist Awareness Month posters and brochures available in high traffic patient areas. 
•    Follow CSHP on both Facebook and Twitter and join the conversation using the hashtag #PAM2019.
•    Recognize your hospital pharmacy mentors by submitting a mentor profile for our social media campaign.