Student Pharmacist Supporter

Why Join?

CSHP connects you with people and resources that will help you to learn more about hospital pharmacy. This will be instrumental in building your professional career. Regardless of your future practice setting, you will benefit from your involvement with CSHP. Learn more


Student Pharmacist Supporters are student pharmacists who are enrolled in a first professional degree in pharmacy program and pay the required fees. Student Pharmacist Supporters are not eligible for membership.

For the year January 1 to December 31, 2019
Applications and renewals are now being accepted for the 2019 student cycle

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2019 Half-Year Application 
For student pharmacists graduating prior to June 30, 2019

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2019 Full-Year Application 
For student pharmacists graduating after July 1, 2019

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Student Job Opportunities 

The CSHP eBulletin is the place to go for student placements in pharmacy departments across the country. Visit the Job Opportunities page and filter by job type "pharmacy students." Be sure to check back regularly and best of luck!


Student Pharmacist Supporters have the right to

  1. serve on the Board;
  2. serve as chair or member of a Committee or Task Force; and
  3. be an External Representative.

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Branch Connection

Every Student Pharmacist Supporter, with the exception of those residing outside Canada, must be connected with a Branch and pay the applicable branch fee. Individuals living outside Canada who wish to be connected to a branch must pay the applicable branch fee.

Professional Liability Insurance

CSHP offers competitively-priced student rates that will cover you as an undergraduate, pharmacy resident, and post-graduate student. The insurance policy term runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. For more information, visit our liability insurance page

Your journey starts with CSHP!


  • Participate in a mentorship program through your branch
  • Learn more about hospital pharmacy practice residencies
  • Attend CSHP meetings, conferences, and educational events at Student Pharmacist Supporter rates
  • Stay informed with subscriptions to the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (CJHP), the CSHP e-Newsbrief, and the CSHP eBulletin
  • Attend online educational programs, such as webinars


  • Network with hospital pharmacy leaders at CSHP events
  • Network with CSHP members and supporters from a variety of hospital pharmacy practice settings through Pharmacy Specialty Networks (PSNs). CSHP offers PSNs which focus on cardiology, infectious diseases, paediatrics, primary care, and more!
  • Showcase your accomplishments by applying for a student award

Get involved!

  • Join CSHP’s grassroots advocacy efforts to advance hospital pharmacy practice. Ask your branch where help is needed. Volunteer with CSHP at the national, branch, or school level
  • Apply for a summer job as a Student Intern (at the CSHP office in Ottawa)
  • Request a Structured Practical Experiential Program rotation at CSHP through your school
  • Look for job opportunities through the CSHP eBulletin (filter by job type: pharmacy students), CSHP’s Career Opportunities Evening, or the Students and Residents Resource Centre (coming soon!

Referral Program

If someone encouraged to you join CSHP, provide their name on the ‘referral’ line in your application, and they'll get the credit! Those who make a referral receive $10 for encouraging Members and Supporters to join and $5 for referring pharmacy residents and students. Credit can be applied toward publications, continuing education programs, and renewal fees. Learn more about CSHP's referral program