Pharmacy Technicians

Here is a sampling of what CSHP has to offer pharmacy technicians who join CSHP as a Supporter:

  • Pharmacy Specialty Networks. Reach out to pharmacy technicians and pharmacists in any number of the PSNs: ask questions, provide insight. These PSNs might interest to you: Medication Safety, Medication Distribution, Parenteral Services, or Small Hospitals.
  • Official Publications. Read the latest guideline, position statement, or information paper. Join a writing team to develop a new official publication.
  • Advocacy: Learn about issues in pharmacy. Watch for consultations posted to CSHP’s website and have your voice heard by responding to the consultations.
  • Pharmacy 365. Tap into the growing suite of resources for a variety of pharmacy topics.
  • CJHP: Read about new developments in pharmacy practice.
  • Conference: meet and learn from others at CSHP's events such as its annual Professional Practice Conference.
  • Volunteering: Join a committee, task force, or working group.

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