Frequently Asked Questions

For applicants that have applied to our program, can we also see other programs to which our applicants applied?

Yes, you will be able to see all the programs that the applicant has applied to.

Can the applicants see the referee comments?


Are programs able to communicate to the applicant by email through the PRAMS to offer them an invitation to interview?

Yes, programs will have access to applicants e-mail and can connect by selecting the e-mail link.

What will happen to applications that are incomplete by the application deadline?

Incomplete applications will render the applicant ineligible to apply to any program.

Can programs view the applicant's ranking of programs? 


What is the deadline to rank applicants?

January 8, 2018 at midnight (12 a.m.) PST.  Please note no changes or updates will be accepted after that time and date.

If our program information changes during the application process (new coordinator for example), do we contact Gloria Day or do we update ourselves?

Programs can update information to the October 16, 2017 deadline at 12:00 a.m. midnight PST, after that date, please e-mail Gloria Day at

I’m surprised with the person I was matched with; in fact, I don’t think they are “the right one” for our program. What should I do?

Now that the matching service is national, applicants are matched to their premier ranked programs, without duplication of being matched in more than one province. Thus, now that we are working with a national pool, programs may expect to be matched with those “lower on their list” but still excellent candidates. To ensure that you are satisfied with the match, please only rank candidates who you are fully prepared to accept into your program. If you have vacancies after the initial match, then you can recruit from the pool of applicants still looking for a program, or from other personal resources.
If, for some reason, the match becomes undesirable for either the candidate or the program, then both parties should meet at the earliest possible moment to discuss the issue(s).

We are planning on trialing a part-time residency position (and an extra residency position, due to funding issues) this year, and have a specific candidate in mind. Do we still have to go through the matching process?

No, the PRAMS is only for “regular” positions, which start each summer or fall and are completed within the year. If a program has developed a “regular” part-time position (for example, that completes over a two year period), then they are welcome to include that position in the match on the appropriate year. In this case, they should send in two separate ranking forms, and advise all candidates applying to the part time position, to distinguish it from the standard position.

The match was done last month. Now I have one residency position opening, and have a student on rotation here who is interested. Can I recruit this person?

After national match by PRAMS is complete, programs are free to recruit for remaining positions from any resource. All programs are asked to notify the CPRB of all accepted positions (i.e. both through the national match, and by other means) by the end of February.