Together we make a difference

In order for CSHP to offer the variety of programs and activities it does, it depends on the generous support of its corporate supporters.  There are many opportunities to support the work and services CSHP offers to its members.

Twice a year (spring and fall), CSHP releases its sponsorship opportunities package which outlines opportunities to support the society, the work it does and the events it presents.  With various budgets in mind, options are available in a "Table d’hôte" format with pre-packaged selections which support various facets of the organization, or you may choose “À la carte” where you can tailor your support to fit your own corporate goals and objectives.  CSHP hopes that you will consider supporting our programs while you prepare your own corporate budget.

Event specific Sponsorship

As event programs take shape, there may be new or additional opportunities that do not appear in the brochure.  These opportunities will be highlighted here when they become available.  For more information please review our sponsorship policy

Current Opportunities available:

Awards Program:  The investment in the awards program is $3850.00 per award.  Sponsors are invited to have a corporate representative present the award to the recipient in person at CSHP's annual Awards Ceremony which takes place at PPC each year.

  • Teaching, Learning and Education Award
  • New Technology Award
  • Pharmacotherapy Best Practices Award
  • Specialties in Pharmacy Practice Award
  • New Hospital Pharmacy Practitioner Award (2 awards)

For more information on the sponsorship of the Awards program, please contact Robyn Rockwell

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2016 Sponsors

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2015 Sponsors

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2014 Sponsors


Sponsoring Branch events: Please discuss these opportunities with each branch.  

For more information on sponsorship or to discuss new sponsorship ideas, please contact conference@cshp.pharmacy