Ambika Sharma, RPh PharmD BScPhm HBSc,

Consultant Pharmacist, ISMP Canada

Safety Alerts as Drivers for the Pharmaceutical Opinion Program: A Pilot Study to Reduce Potential Hospitalizations due to Drug-Drug Interactions

Contributors: Ho C, RPh BScPhm MISt MEd PhD, Cheng R, RPh BScPhm PharmD, Kawano A, RPh BSc MSc BScPhm, Morphy B, RPh BSc BScPhm, Yoo L, RPh BSc BScPhm, Ng M, RPh BSc PharmD, Kong J, RPh BSc PharmD, Liang S, BSc PharmD, Arjomandpour S, RPh BSc BScPhm, Chen A, RPh BSc BScPhm ACPR PharmD, Sharma A, RPh PharmD BScPhm HBSc, Hyland S, RPh BScPhm ACPR MHSc (Bioethics)

Organization: Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada