What We Heard

In November 2017, the CSHP Excellence program surveyed patients and CSHP members to evaluate how Excellence themes are presently being reflected in the care being provided to patients by hospital pharmacy teams. CSHP invited members to participate in an online survey (using Simple Survey) - we reached out to members by utilizing the CSHP eBulletin and by way of e-announcements. The patient survey was distributed with assistance from pharmacy leaders across Canada who circulated the survey to respective patient experience advisor groups. As well, CSHP reached out to various national patient groups. Both surveys were open for approximately one month.

The online survey provided 54 and 368 responses, from patients (or their caregiver) and members, respectively. The survey results have been analyzed and a final survey report has been created that outlines the survey results by category of respondent and is divided into sections based on the three Excellence themes.

All responses are included in the final survey report (What Patients and Members Told Us about Patient Care). This is in recognition of the value the Excellence program places on the input of patients and CSHP members. It represents as well, an effort to respect all responses and determine relevant future action to successfully address needs. The body of the report provides summary information: additional (sub-group) analysis can be provided upon request. All requests for additional information regarding the survey should be directed to CSHP by email.

The baseline survey will be repeated to measure the effect the Excellence program may be having in assisting members in improving care.

We thank patients and pharmacy practitioners who participated in the surveys.

Top Priorities

CSHP members told us what they wanted their top priorities to be. Click here for a list of the top 6 principles ranked in order by number of respondents.

What's Next?

Based on the survey results, the Excellence program has developed realistic and aspirational targets for the performance measures of the priority themes (Patient-Centred Care, Best Practice, and Communication & Collaboration). The targets correlate to what we heard from patients and CSHP members and supporters (staff pharmacists and management). We encourage you to share the targets for Excellence with your colleagues today! Together, we can make a difference!

For a quick overview of what we heard, see our infographic flyer.

For a quick overview of what patients and CSHP members told us, see our infographic flyer.