Who Benefits

The Student

Specialized training in hospital pharmacy practice provides a graduate student with practical training in a variety of roles in the pharmacy. Skilled preceptorship provides students with role models to follow in the pursuit of their career objectives.

Residencies teach students to regard the long-term goals and objectives of their careers and offer a network of experts, teachers, and support. Most provinces offer a pharmacy stipend equal to 50% of a starting pharmacist's salary, and most graduate residents' starting salaries are comparable to practitioners with two to three years working experience.

The Pharmacy

Pharmacy residencies can assist departments develop contemporary skills and pharmacy services. Residencies offer opportunities in staff training and development, in project and research proposals, and in gaining recognition as leaders in institutional pharmacy practice.

The Hospital

In serving the health care field, progressive institutions participate in the training and development of various health care professionals. This enables the institution to attract dynamic, dedicated people and offers added job satisfaction to those interested in education and research activities. Certification of a pharmacy residency program is considered a source of pride in many hospitals.