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2024 Student update: Hospital Pharmacy Student Award winner and CAPSI-CSHP joint officers meeting

January 30, 2024

Hospital Pharmacy Student Award winner



Earlier this month at CAPSI’s Professional Development Week Conference in Toronto, ON, CSHP CPO, Rita Dhami alongside CAPSI President, Madison Wong presented the Hospital Pharmacy Student Award to the 2023-24 winner, Emma Fedusiak. 

Emma, a pharmacy student at the University of Saskatchewan is acknowledged for her compassionate approach to patient care, research, and education. She has developed essential skills through various work placements in organized healthcare settings including the Saskatchewan Health Authority.  

Specifically, she steps outside of her comfort zone repeatedly to learn from diverse perspectives of clinicians and practice areas. One area that she has taken a specific interest in is opioid stewardship. She has educated patients on their prescription opioids, tested tools that seek to flag those at risk of opioid overdose, and has created resources for multiple wards across Regina hospitals to help alleviate stigma around opioid usage. According to Emma, “stewardship showed me how research advances knowledge and improves patient care.”  

She is also a keen leader in Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility services at USask and in her broader community. This work has varied from being an Access and Equity Note Taker for multiple classes to connecting with new immigrants about pharmacy in Canada. 

Emma is a proud pharmacy advocate through CAPSI, having served on the national and local levels throughout her undergraduate career, in addition to her CSHP Saskatchewan Branch activities!  

Congratulations Emma – CSHP cannot wait to see what is next for you.  




On January 9, CAPSI and CSHP held a joint officer meeting with CAPSI delegates, CSHP President Ashley Walus, and CSHP staff on the call. It is always a pleasure to engage in discussions with CAPSI on pharmacy student supports and programs. Some topics covered were student membership, making residency more accessible and equitable for all students, tweaks to the CAPSI-CSHP Evidence-Based Practice Competition, and CSHP’s involvement in Professional Development Week 2025 which will be taking place in Halifax, NS.  


Career insight webinar - We have chairs!

On January 23, Lorie Carter, President of the CSHP NL Branch, led a webinar for students and anyone interested in pursuing a career as a hospital pharmacist. The webinar highlighted the vital role hospital pharmacists play in patient care and provided information about how to get started in this field.   

Throughout the webinar, she delved into patient cases, shedding light on the fulfilling aspects of the profession, and providing guidance for those interested in pursuing a career in hospital pharmacy.  

Watch this free and open-access webinar here.



January 30, 2024
2024 Student update: Hospital Pharmacy Student Award winner and CAPSI-CSHP joint officers meeting

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CSHP welcomes Pharmacy Technician, Faith Norris, in new role 

January 30, 2024
JANUARY 30, 2024, OTTAWA — The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) is pleased to welcome Faith Norris as the first Professional Practice Coordinator.  

 She’ll be coordinating the workflow and operations of the Hospital Pharmacy 101 Program, Pharmacy Specialty Networks, and educational events including the Professional Practice Conference as well as the CSHP Webinar Series. In addition, Faith is coordinating related Professional Practice operations, committees, and task forces
“I’m excited to dive into my new role as CSHP’s Professional Practice Coordinator! I look forward to taking my passion for pharmacy and collaborating with other healthcare professionals in this setting to advance patient care!”    

Throughout her professional career, Faith has worked as a Pharmacy Technician predominantly at London Health Sciences Centre in the Inpatient Pharmacy Department working on sterile preparation, entering Physician orders, and in unit dose. She also served as a superuser for the Swisslog Dispensing Robot and has experience in clinical trial pharmacy. Plus, Faith has been involved in multiple special projects including: 
  • Working with management to create and implement procedures to algin with NAPRA’s Model Standards for Pharmacy Compounding of Non-Hazardous Sterile Preparations  
  • Working with the LEAN Team to reconfigure the daily schedule in the Unit Dose Area in accordance with their recommendations   
  • Assisting the Pharmacy Pandemic Team to identify changes required to medication distribution schedules to support the changing patient needs 

She lives in Baltimore, ON with her partner and three children.  

Interested in learning more about professional practice programs? 

Contact Faith: 


January 30, 2024
CSHP welcomes Pharmacy Technician, Faith Norris, in new role

Education Spotlight - Nese Yuksel

January 24, 2024

Nese Yuksel, BScPharm, PharmD, FCSHP, NCMP
CSHP Foundation Education Grant Recipient

“The development of a combined hormonal contraceptive practice tool for pharmacists will provide an accessible, practical, and easy to use practice tool to support pharmacists at the point of care with patients.”

Nese was a 2017 CSHP Foundation Education Grant Recipient in the amount of $9,357

Co-applicants: Anne Marie Whelan, BScPharm, PharmD, FCSHP

Project Summary
Effective contraception, such as combined hormonal contraceptives (CHC’s), are underutilized in Canada for a variety of reasons. As a result, our team recognized the need to support our colleagues with the management of CHCs at the point of care with an accessible, practical and easy to use practice tool.

What gap did you see in your practice that led to this project? 
Pharmacists can now initiate a prescription of CHC’s in most Canadian provinces because of pharmacists expanding scope of practice. It is now recognized that pharmacists are a convenient, approachable and reliable healthcare provider to support women with their contraception decisions. 

There are currently several barriers for women to obtaining or continuing effective contraceptives, including women not being adequately informed and issues of access. The Practice Tool for CHC has been designed to support pharmacists with prescribing and initiating CHCs and managing ongoing therapy. The Practice Tool includes four sections: Step 1: Assess if CHC is appropriate; Step 2: Initiate a CHC product; Step 3: Patient education; Step 4: Follow-up monitoring. 

How will this project impact pharmacy practice and/or care of patients?
This Practice Tool offers a framework for pharmacists to manage CHC including assessing patients, decision making and choosing a CHC, patient education and follow-up. It is our hope that this tool will provide a guide for pharmacists when prescribing CHC and supporting patients with CHC.

What did you learn that you weren’t expecting? 
The process of development of the practice tool took time and patience and involved multiple drafts and revisions. The expert reviews, as well as the pilot evaluations with the pharmacists provided very helpful and insightful comments and suggestions, which we were able to incorporate into future drafts.  

The development team consisted of myself, Dr Anne Marie Whelan and Christine Maslanko. We also wanted to give a shout out to all the pharmacy students who were involved in the development of the CHC Practice Tool over the years. Special thank you as well to all of the expert reviewers and pharmacists who took part in the evaluation, Christine Maslanko, Dr Judith Soon for the initial review of the tool and Broken Arrow Solutions for the graphic design.

Where should people go to learn more about this topic if they are interested? 
Individuals interested in learning more about our practice tool are welcome to contact me at A recent publication in January 2024 in the Canadian Pharmacists Journal presented a case highlighting how to use the CHC Practice Tool. The publication can be found by visiting

The development of the CHC Practice Tool could not have been achieved without the support of the CSHP Foundation for their financial support. 


The role of the hospital pharmacist is changing; research and education will support the change.

CSHP Foundation grant and scholarship recipients are changing the face of pharmacy practice. 
Find out more at

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January 24, 2024
Education Spotlight - Nese Yuksel

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Call for Members: Awards Committee

January 22, 2024


Join the Awards Committee!

We are looking for broad geographical representation from across the country.  

The Committee administers CSHP’s annual awards program, including reviewing submissions and selecting winners. We’re also involved in planning awards presentations, developing criteria for new awards, and promoting the program to the membership. 

We are seeking new committee members in the following areas: 

  • Chair Elect: 
    • CSHP member with team leader experience 
    • Prior experience serving on an awards committee would be beneficial 
    • Term begins Spring 2024 
    • This is a partial term that transitions to Committee Chair in Fall 2024 
  • Core Members: 
    • CSHP member with an interest in the awards program 
    • No previous CSHP committee or task force experience required 
    • Term begins Spring 2024 
    • This is a two-year term, with an optional two-year term (four years maximum) 

Candidate criteria

  • Candidates must be able to commit to a minimum of 6 virtual meetings per year. Meetings are scheduled in 2-hour time blocks. 
  • An additional time commitment is required for reviewing award submissions. This review is generally performed independently, so that results can be shared at meetings. Candidates should also schedule time to consult with the Committee Chair as necessary to become familiar with the position. 

Instructions for applicants: 

  • Please submit the following documents:
    • A copy of your curriculum vitae
    • One-page statement describing your interest in volunteering for this position 
  • Submit the above noted documents to the CSHP office by e-mail to Robyn Rockwell, Membership and Awards Administrator.   

For more information on either position, please contact Rumi McGloin, Chair, Awards Committee.  

January 22, 2024
Call for members: Awards Committee

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CSHP's statement on FDA’s Approval of Canadian Drug Importation

January 16, 2024
On January 5, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Florida’s plan to import prescription drugs from Canada in an effort to reduce the drug costs to the American consumer. The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) remains opposed to any exportation of medicines from Canada and will ramp up our advocacy to the U.S. Federal and state governments, as well as the FDA, to address the underlying drivers of drug shortages and pricing in the U.S.

“Canada cannot stock America’s medicine cabinet,” says CSHP President Ashley Walus. “Our drug supply is not the answer to the problem of high drug prices in the United States.”

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) also acknowledges that drug importation from Canada is not a real solution because it is not a meaningful response to drug pricing and has the potential to disrupt the pharmacist-patient relationship. 

While the details of Florida’s plan are still to be released, Canada took precautionary steps in August 2021 in response to various states exploring legislation to import prescription drugs. Health Canada bolstered the existing limitations in our healthcare legislation to stipulate that pharmaceuticals intended for the domestic market cannot be distributed outside of Canada if it will cause or exacerbate a shortage of a drug.

“The intention of some U.S. states to tap into Canada’s supply isn’t new,” says CSHP CEO Jody Ciufo. “In 2019, CSHP joined the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies Canada (ASOP Canada) along with 12 other organizations to advocate against the export of Canadian drugs. We appeared before various state legislatures, met with U.S. federalrepresentatives, and featured prominently in media stories about the issue – and will do this again to actively protect our drug supply.”

CSHP is engaged with Health Canada and applauds their notification to regulated parties of their legal obligations not to distribute drugs for consumption outside of Canada if the distribution will cause or worsen a shortage of the drug. Just as important is their plan to enforce existing regulations: “The Department will not hesitate to take immediate action to address non-compliance, ranging from requesting a plan for corrective measures, issuing a public advisory or other forms of communication, to taking action on the licenses of regulated parties who contravene the export prohibition if warranted.”

Along with these safeguards, CSHP believes in the importance of these collective efforts to address the complexities associated with drug importation and its potential impact on patient care. “We are aligned with our peers including CPhA, are a member of ASOP Canada, and we will continue to safeguard the supply chain intended for Canadian patients,” says CSHP President Ashley Walus.

For more information please contact: Dr. Rita Dhami, Chief Pharmacy Officer at
January 16, 2024
CSHP's statement on FDA’s Approval of Canadian Drug Importation

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